Perry's Story

Founded by Perry Desilva, Labour Hub is the revolutionary new software for the recruitment industry. Having run a successful recruitment agency for many years, Perry was frustrated with the lack of suitable software solutions to meet the growing demands of his business.

Finding that his team was wasting more time completing time-consuming tasks which resulted in multiple shifts, late nights processing payroll and wasted hours chasing staff for availability, he knew he could create a better solution.

Even after trying existing self-proclaimed all-in-one software packages, he found they still lacked the crucial support and tools needed to be a truly effective solution. Tired of wasting too much time on inefficient systems that prevented him from spending his time on the actual job at hand, Perry began creating his ideal recruitment tool.

Creating a skilled team who all shared the same goal of revolutionising how they did business, Labour Hub was born. Initially designed as a rostering system with integrated payroll, Perry began sharing the platform with other recruitment agencies, which saw him expand the software even further.

After positive feedback, Perry’s next step was to incorporate after-hours support, allowing agencies to reduce the stress of staff being woken up by late-night calls, something Perry knew all too well himself.

He decided to create a dedicated after-hours team that would not only support his agency’s needs, but also that of his Labour Hub clients. By pooling resources, it ensured that clients would enjoy the very best service possible in the most cost-effective way.

Perry and his team created a solution that is designed for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses alike, ensuring they can focus on growing their business without needing to worry about time-consuming administrative tasks.

As Labour hub continues to grow, Perry’s passion is now on helping agencies of all sizes succeed in their recruitment, without the need for large amounts of startup capital, staff or inconveniences.

Labour Hub is truly an all-in-one solution designed to open up the world of recruitment to anyone with a passion and talent for sales and people. Perry and the rest of the team continue to bring innovative new features to the Labour Hub system, alongside continuously working with other agencies to help them streamline their procedures.

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